Inforill Technologies

The founder and managing director, Mohideen Noordeen, prior to Inforill, has worked in software development and project management for over eighteen years in Switzerland. During his career, he has worked in IT management and in technical roles in a variety of companies in Switzerland such as Goldman Sachs for over five years until 2003, in a large SW consultancy firm called Steria for more than three years until 1998, in a Swiss container logistics firm Norasia for five years until 1996 as well as three years in a transportation institute LITEP at the EPFL until 1991 where he obtained his PhD in Transportation Science. His internal and external clients were all Swiss-based and his work locations spanned Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg, Bern and Zurich.

He has developed extensive IT projects in diverse domains such as private and investment banking, shipping logistics, railway and highway traffic operations management. He was instrumental in the delivery of some of the key projects as well as in the development of innovative and successful software products.

Mohideen holds a business degree called Management of Technology (2003) from EPFL/HEC-UNIL, Lausanne, Switzerland, a PhD (1995) degree in Transportation Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne and a MS (1988) degree in Computer Science from Univ. of Kansas, USA. He also completed a certificate in Enterpreneurship at the McComb's School of Business, Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA.

He currently manages a growing SW development team at Inforill and is capable of expanding it on short notice.